New Series - Ignite The Romance


We are all familiar with Valentine's Day; it's a day set aside to celebrate the ones we love, to eat chocolate and sweets, and to smell the sweet fragrance of fresh cut flowers. This year the day of love falls on a Sunday and we intend to celebrate that! Starting on Valentine's Day, we will begin a three week series called Ignite The Romance and here's how it will work:

2/14 - Ignite The Romance
This Sunday will be about igniting or maybe re-igniting romance. We will focus on biblical principals to help encourage and support relationships with spouses, loved ones, and even Christ. There will be an extravagant chocolate treat for everyone starting at 9:30am.

2/21 - When the Romance Dies
There are many people in our community that are either widowed, struggling with relationships, or even just single. How does this idea of romance apply to me if I don't have a significant other? Where is God in all of this?

2/28 - Keeping The Romance Alive
This week we'll wrestle with some ideas and practices to keep the romance alive. Every couple will receive a special gift to encourage time and investment in their relationships!

Services start at 10am on Sunday mornings, see you there!