Get Smart

We live in a fast-paced, high-pressure world that seems to be constantly changing. We are bombarded daily by news of global tragedies, economic instability, and cultural immorality. All of these things affect our families, our faith, and our personal well-being. How are we supposed to deal with this? Where is God in all of this? 

The truth is that we need God's wisdom to help us through. That's why on October 4th we will be starting a new series called GET SMART - Wisdom For A Changing World. In this series, Pastor Jim will help us discover biblical truths that will help us make wise decisions in all areas of our life.  How do we react to pressure? How do we manage finances? Where's the hope?

Whether your attend our church regularly or not, we believe that God has a message for you through this series. We want to be a place of help and encouragement to you. Let's GET SMART together!