LifeGroups exist to provide an environment where anyone can experience God's love through authentic community and friendship.


Fall/Winter 2017 LifeGroups

Fickle's Group
General Group
Thursdays | 7pm
E Maple Grove, MN
Leader: Keith Fickle
(763) 913-0619

Barton's Group
General Group
Wednesdays | 6:30pm
E Maple Grove, MN
Leader: Doug & Geri Barton
(612) 707-1341

Men's Coffee Group
General Group
Fridays | 7am
Perkins (Maple Grove)
Leader: Lee Flynn
(763) 786-0545

Quirk's Group *
General Group
Fridays | 7pm
W Brooklyn Park, MN
Leader: Pat & Connie Quirk
(763) 315-2762

Becker's Group *
General Group
Wednesdays | 7pm
E Maple Grove, MN
Leader: Jason & Dyan Becker
(612) 239-7563

Hamilton's Group *
General Group
Fridays | 6:30pm
Plymouth, MN
Leader: Les & Michele Hamilton
(612) 310-3402

Young Adults Group
College and Young Career
Wednesdays | 7pm
Faithbrook Conference Room
Leader: Tyler LaZerte
(763) 516-4820

Senior Adults Group
Sunday School Class
Sundays | 10:30am
Faithbrook Conference Room
Leader: Pastor Ron McGilvra
(612) 581-3801

* Childcare Available

Interested in Joining a LifeGroup?

We encourage everyone to get plugged in to a LifeGroup. Feel free to contact any of the LifeGroup leaders above for more information and details about their group.

Want to start a LifeGroup?

If you have any interest in leading a LifeGroup or even hosting a LifeGroup at your house, please contact Pastor Jim at